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Sometimes life gets tough, we stuff our real feelings , "suck it up" and just get on with it. Think of this as an "emotional bandaid" of sorts. The problem is when we continue to stuff our feelings, over time we will begin to feel jaded, not so happy... sometimes we just feel like we are going thru the motions of life. We can even forget what USED to make us happy, what made us SPARKLE.

Sparkle Mining is a safe place to start reclaiming your joy- your sparkle. It is full of resources to help you start mining... start your emotional "search and rescue",then cleaning up, polishing and reclaiming the lost parts of yourself so you can sparkle again!

Life happens...Sparkle Anyway!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something To sparkle about- It's Pink Saturday's 4th Birthday, andThis Cowgirl with Spirit is 73!! Seriously??

HELLO My sparkly Friends!!!
OMG- Looky what I have found-
Say hello to Mimi Kirk- 
My new Sparkle from the inside out inspiration Angel!!!

I just came across Mimi Kirk yesterday while googling for something- I forgot what, but OMG wow is all I can say! 
When I read that she was 73 years old, 
I was completely in awe by how incredible she looked. She was born in 1938!!
When I visited Mimi’s website
the story of of her healthy lifestyle she embraces  inspired me to revisit my experimenting with juicing  raw food. 
This was Mimi 4 years ago before raw food
and after just four years of eating right!
 I have taken Mimi on as my personal  role model( she doesn't know it yet)! Her  care of her body and her diet has made it possible not only for her to look and feel like a much younger person, and glowing health makes it easy to live life abundantly. Here is what I found out about Mimi…
Mimi prefers a raw, vegan diet – she says it makes her feel so much better after eating raw foods than cooked foods. She is also happy knowing that eating vegan is compassionate towards animals. She became a vegetarian back in her 30's because of the cruelty aspect.  I found this quote 
"My energy level is amazing and I think I look better than I did when I was just a vegan and not eating raw foods. 
I think one can still eat processed foods as a vegan, but there is not much of a chance when eating raw that you will be consuming processed foods. So I think, personally, it is a healthier choice all around that I have embraced.”
When did she start eating this way?
When Mimi turned 69, she became a raw vegan because as she says "my blood pressure and cholesterol were up and I was starting to feel arthritic pains in my joints." 

LOOK at what 4 years eating raw will do!!!

According to Mimi, after just six months, her body had healed and everything was normal- all without taking any prescriptions drugs.
So what makes Mimi Sparkle?
Mimi believe passion for life, love, friendships, looking forward to the future, exercise, passion, compassion, laughter and knowing how to manage stress all contribute to a long, healthy life.”
Her philosophy?

So my sparkly friends- the beauty of Mimi for me is that she is not linked to any new diet product or exercise machine- she is living proof that what we put in our bodies as fuel determines how our "engines" will run.
You can't put french fry oil in your car and expect high performance...
Your engine will seize and you will be left with a pile of junk.
I don't know about you, but want I to look and feel like Mimi when I am 73!
You don't have to go cold turkey and join an ashram-
Start by simply adding 1 or 2 fresh veggie/fruit juices like my fave- Organic Apple, celery and Ginger.
If you don't have a juicer yet- try them at your local healthfood store and see if you like them.
I started this morning with a juice and plan to greet each day that way- and begin to add raw recipes a little at a time.
We will see about full on Raw Food later... lol
If you want to try Mimi's recipes
this is her book

I ordered it yesterday.

Mimi also wrote
Cowgirl Spirit
Solid women, Strong friendships and 
Stories from the frontier 
can you not LOVE this gal???
I have a link to it on the sidebar!

 Since it is Pink Saturday's Birthday this weekend,
Here are some lovely raw Pink veggies!!

Enjoy My Sweeties!!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!
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  1. Amazing and awesome. I was just telling my daughter today that I want to cut out all sweets and just eat a banana at the time of day when my sweet tooth goes ballistic. It would satisfy me and would cut out all the junk I eat. This is just confirmation that it's a good plan, a jumping off spot. Thanks so much for sharing. Mary

  2. no, I can't believe Mimi is 73. Wow. I love your sparkle. You're right, as we go along, we leave little bits of ourselves along the way. Blogging has been a great way to express myself and visiting with other bloggers has given this homebody a fun outlet and taught me a lot!

  3. Oh my goodness! I think I need to add more raw veggies to my diet!


  5. The caption caught my attention over at pink Saturday. Dropping by and visiting.
    Take care, Viola

  6. I am in AWE of this lady! I feel like MOST of the time I eat pretty well, but no where at the level this lady does. I will definitely check her out! Thanks for the Pink Sat. inspiration!

    Happy PS!! dana

  7. You introduced me to Mimi and I spent most of the day yesterday watching all her tube videos. I got some inspiration from her to eat better and had my first green smoothie this morning. Yummy! Thanks for pointing me to Mimi, I downloaded her book. Love it.

  8. We try to juice daily. Mimi is one amazing lady! I need to get into it and start feeling better! It is true. We juice cucumbers for heartburn ad celery for joint pain! It works! Thaks for this great share! Hugs Anne

    HPS and a belated birthday wish to you!

  9. I am doing whole foods, no sugar, dairy or gluten! I have been on it for 2 months now, it is amazing the difference this lifestyle makes! Good luck! Hugs,