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What Is Sparkle Mining?

Sometimes life gets tough, we stuff our real feelings , "suck it up" and just get on with it. Think of this as an "emotional bandaid" of sorts. The problem is when we continue to stuff our feelings, over time we will begin to feel jaded, not so happy... sometimes we just feel like we are going thru the motions of life. We can even forget what USED to make us happy, what made us SPARKLE.

Sparkle Mining is a safe place to start reclaiming your joy- your sparkle. It is full of resources to help you start mining... start your emotional "search and rescue",then cleaning up, polishing and reclaiming the lost parts of yourself so you can sparkle again!

Life happens...Sparkle Anyway!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catch The Spark!

            Sparkling is contagious. 

So is being frazzled or remaining in a negative state.

We run around sanitizing our hands and counters and sinks and air and little one's toys... basically our entire world so we don't catch viruses from other people, but we never give a second thought to "catching" bad moods, negativity, worry, fear. anger and hatred from others!

We have all experienced days when we start out really happy and joyful, only to run into a
 "Negative Nellie" 
that pretty much ruins our day if we let it!
I really think  the most overlooked killer of sparkle
is a foul mood!
We tend to think that
if we are in a bad mood, that it is just about us... but that is wrong pumpkin.
Everything we touch, come in contact with, speak to, smile at, curse at...
 everything we experience 
 day in and day out is effected by our moods!

Therefore, it goes without saying that we need to  
take more responsibility 
for what we project out there!

We forget our sparkle heals- both ourselves and others who we touch with it. It even affects those who just observe us sparkling.
Sparkling is a natural state that we create when we function at our own personal 100 %.

Find things that make you sparkle and include them in your life on a more regular basis, so you will be happier and spread sunshine instead of gloom...

What Makes YOU Sparkle??
Tell me here!
Sparkly Hugs,

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